People Are Going Crazy Over Kendall Jenner’s New Boyfriend

While Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga is often the talk of the town, today Kendall is making headlines with the news of her new relationship.

According to Page Six, Kendall is officially dating rapper A$AP Rocky and the two were spotted on a date at the Blue Ribbon Brasserie in SoHo in the early hours of the morning.

While the couple have not yet confirmed their relationship, sources say that the pair have been spotted looking very smitten.

“They were coupled up at the restaurant… hugging, flirting and acting like a couple. His friend said that was his girl,” a source told Page Six. 

Earlier in the night Kendall attended Rocky’s show at the Panorama music festival in New York, adding to the list of recent events that the couple have attend together.

While Bustle is warning fans to not get too invested as the meet ups could just be a sign of a growing friendship between the two, the pair are already being referred to as the internet’s new favourite “power couple” and fans are clearly buzzing at the news.

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