A Personal Trainer Shares One Simple Tip To Help You Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast

Summer is coming and if there’s one thing that many of us strive for when it comes to our hot summer body, it’s being able to get killer abs. Sadly abs do not tend to come easily and to be honest, getting abs is painful – not to mention the healthy diet that goes along with it!

The good news is that there is one simple trick that you can do anywhere that will help you to get the abs of your dreams – not to me nntion getting rid of that pesky belly fat. Yes, this is real life! According to Kendall Wood, NASM CPT and author of Core Fitness Solution, the secret to toning up your abdominal area is all in your posture.

“When your body is in alignment, everything functions at a heightened level, but when you are hunched over a desk typing every day, or if you have a job where you stand all day and inevitably do a lot of leaning, and slouching, you’re not harnessing the muscles in your core,” Wood told POPSUGAR.


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In fact, Wood says that people who have poor posture almost always find it more difficult to tone their mid sections, while people with great posture are generally those with lean and toned tums. Apparently, simply keeping your abs engaged as you sit at your desk during your work day, or stand around chatting with friends, is the secret to toning up.