Photos Of Nike’s New Sports Bras Have Caused A Massive Stir And This Is Why

Think Nike and what comes to mind? Perfectly toned, ridiculously fit looking people in active wear most likely.

In a monumental step in the right direction for body inclusiveness in the fitness industry, a recent series of images posted on the @NikeWomen Instagram fly in the face of everything you thought you knew about Nike.

The images that are being used to promote a new line of sports bras feature social-media star and model Paloma Elsesser and yoga instructor Claire Fountain – both departures from the usual super thin Nike models.

Instagram followers are praising Nike for featuring models who show that being healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, with fans commenting that this new strategy marks a huge step forward for the fitness fashion giant.

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Throughout the comments, words such as inclusive, relatable, diverse, and body positive were commonly used.

“This is awesome! Thank you Nike Women for showing that every woman is beautiful, no matter which size,” wrote one follower.

Nike has responded to the images going viral by assuring fans that they are working towards making more body inclusive changes to the brand.

“Keep the feedback coming. We’re listening,” Nike responded.

So will there be more diverse models to come? We hope so!

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