PSA: Gin And Tonic Easter Eggs Are Actually A Thing

I don’t know what it is about the humble G&T, but it really is just the best drink in the whole entire world. Whether it’s a cold one in the sun after a long day at work, or a G&T in the form of a popsicle, it’s no secret that a large portion of the population basically lose their minds over a solid gin and tonic.

Proving the the world really is still a good place, some genius has actually satisfied all of our heart’s desires by making a gin and tonic Easter egg. No, this is not a drill. All of our Easter dreams just came true.

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The gin and tonic Easter egg is made by a British company called Prestat. The egg has a lemon chocolate shell and has ‘London gin truffles’ hidden in the middle.

“A Milk Chocolate egg of 37% Cocoa made from a unique blend of single origin beans,” the website reads. “Filled with Prestat’s London Gin Truffles [and] with a lemon milk chocolate shell.”

Sadly, the egg is not yet available in New Zealand, however just quietly, if you have relatives in the UK who are willing to send one to you, there’s still plenty of time to order one between now and Easter.

Retailing at just under $30, we have to admit this egg is a pretty pricey investment. But really, you can’t put a price on a glorious gin and tonic filled Easter. Life complete.

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