Recipe: Gin And Tonic Sorbet

I honestly don’t know what it is with me and G&T’s but honestly, I am obsessed. There’s just something about a G&T that screams summer and just makes you want to spend long days sprawled in the sun by the pool (that is if I had a pool, obvs).

A few weeks ago we discovered the beautiful creation that is G&T Popsicles and to take your summer to the next level we have for you another glorious creation that has caused many gin lovers to lose their damn minds. Introducing Gin and Tonic Sorbet, the perfect cocktail/ dessert hybrid to satisfy all of your summer cravings.

Gone are the days of wasting time drinking your G&T and then eating your ice cream separately – G&T Sorbet provides the best of both worlds. I stumbled across this glorious creation on YuppieChef and instantly fell in love.

To make your very own G&T Sorbet you will need just a handful of ingredients – water, lime, sugar, tonic and obviously the holy grail, gin. The recipe recommends using an ice cream maker to help get the perfect consistency, however I can confirm that it is very much possible to make the dessert without one – it will just take slightly longer.

For the full Gin and Tonic Sorbet recipe check out YuppieChef. Cheers to that!

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