Ridiculously Hot Guy Working Out With His Cat Will Make Your Day

I’m not going to lie – I generally have a huge issue with hot guys working out because 1) they’re annoying and spend most of their time looking hot and staring in the mirror at the gym while I look like a gremlin and flail my limbs about on the treadmill and 2) they’re already hot so just like, stop already.

Canadian model and actor Travis Deslaurier has to be a rare exception to my rule however, as oddly enough his workout routine appears to be focused around exercises that involve his cat. And obviously that is AMAZING.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Deslaurier explained that he adopted his cat Jacob during a particularly hard time in his life.

“I needed some type of unconditional love so I said to myself ‘self, let’s get an orange fluffy soft kitten,’” Deslaurier said.

Jacob has his own page meow? @jacobscrate This was the first day I got him! #furrbaby #fluffybastard #jacobscrate

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Turns out that was a great decision because Deslaurier has grown to love Jacob so much that he even got a tattoo of the ginger cat on his arm. OMG.

The bond between Deslaurier and Jacob is so strong that they do everything together – including working out together.

According to Deslaurier, Jacob doesn’t mind the workouts too much and is fairly happy to be part of it all.

“It’s kind of like ‘uhhhhhh dad we’re doing this again for you silly videos? Can I just go lay down or something?” Deslaurier said.

Weighing almost 10kg, Deslaurier says that Jacob perfectly replaces a medicine ball, and has a few other added benefits too.

“He’s soft on the hands so I don’t get those calluses like you do from weights at the gym.” Plus, “When I’m done I have a built in towel system to dab my forehead dry.”

Unusual methods, but looks like it works huh?

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