Rosé lollies are now a thing and there is a 5000-person waiting list

Love rosé? Love sugary treats? You’re in luck.

No longer will you have to choose between the two because Sugarfina has partnered with Whispering Angel Rosé to create its Yes Way Rosé collection, featuring rose and bear shaped gummy lollies that are made from your favourite wine. Yassss!

Before you get too excited we should probably mention that the world has pretty much gone crazy  over these vino-infused treats, with the lollies selling out in just two hours when they went on presale a few days ago.

The lollies were so popular that an influx of orders even made the Sugarfina website crash and there is now a 5000-person long waiting list for the lollies.

If you are willing to join the waiting list and pay an extravagant amount to have a small package of lollies shipped to New Zealand, email and in about 5 months time you may finally get your hot little hands on these delicious lollies. *sigh*

In the meantime, maybe we can just dip some gummy bears into our glass of rosé and pretend it’s the real thing? Cheers! 

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