People Are Going Crazy Over This Super Embarrassing Video Of Young Ryan Gosling Performing A *Killer* Dance Routine

I don’t think many women would disagree with me when I say that when it comes to men, Ryan Gosling is basically God’s gift to the earth. Not only is he ridiculously attractive and a great actor, but turns out Mr Gosling has a few moves to show off too.

Ryan Gosling recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside Emma Stone, Sienna Miller and Ben Affleck, only to find that one of his childhood home videos had been dug out for the entire world to see. *cringe*

After a bit of chit-chat about their early careers, Graham brought out a home video of mini Gosling competing in a dance competition back in the good old days.

Proof that he is genuinely a good sport, Ryan sat there while a video of him performing THE most ’90s dance routine played for all the world to see. Best part of the whole thing is that mini Gosling was even wearing hammer pants, making the whole video just that bit better.

Ryan Gosling, you are officially the best man on earth.

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