Scarlett Johansson speaks out about the gender pay gap in Hollywood

Last week Scarlett Johansson made history as the highest grossing female actor of all time.

While Johansson was excited to receive the prestigious title, she has publicly expressed disappointment over the fact that she is the only female to make the top 10 highest paid actors of all time.

“It’s kind of disappointing actually to be the only woman in this category, that was a little bit of a surprise to me,” Johansson told Extra TV.

While she has managed to generate a whopping $3.3 billion during her career, Johansson falls well below many men on the list.

While female actors such as Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson and Julia Roberts made the list outside of the top 10, the ratio of men to women on the list demonstrates that men continue to earn more than women in Hollywood.

In speaking out about the Hollywood gender pay gap, Johansson joins a long list of women including Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson who have advocated for equal pay.

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