Science Discovers The Secret To Losing Weight (And Keeping It Off)

When it comes to losing weight, many of us know that keeping those pounds off permanently is often the hardest part. In fact, according to Live Strong, almost 65 percent of dieters will gain back the weight they lose within three years.

Looking to discover how to keep weight off for good, a new study has found that the key is in riding out the initial twelve month period. The Danish study ultimately found that after twelve months at your goal weight, keeping the weight off will become far easier, as by this stage the body has adapted to its new weight.

The study enlisted the help of 20 obese participants, putting them on a strict low-calorie diet for two months. During the two month period, participants lost 13 percent of their body weight. After the initial period of time the group were switched to a less intense diet that was intended to maintain their weight-loss.

The study found that after the two month mark, ghrelin (the hormone that makes your feel hungry) spiked significantly – by 23 percent. While this may seem unusual, apparently it is simply the result of the body’s natural instincts kicking in and trying to gain back the weight lost.

After 12 months on the maintenance diet, the study found that the levels of ghrelin once again decreased and participates felt less hungry. The study also found that GLP-1 and PYY3-36 ( the hormones that make you feel full) also increased at the 12 month mark.

So the moral of the story? If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off long-term, working hard for 12 months could be the key to making your weight-loss a permanent change.

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