Science Says That These 5 Foods Can Calm Anxiety

In a world that is increasingly moving faster and faster, stress and anxiety are unfortunately a daily struggle for many people. We’re all familiar with the idea of ‘comfort food’ but the truth is that refined, sugary and fatty foods may actually make you feel worse when you are already feeling low. Instead try munching on some of these foods that have been proven to calm anxiety.

1. Blueberries

Not only are blueberries a rich source of antioxidants but they are also packed full with vitamin C, which is effective at lowering blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol.


2. Spinach 

Leafy greens like spinach are high in magnesium, which helps you to feel calmer. As an added bonus a good dose of magnesium is useful in helping you to fall asleep quickly and get a good night of sleep.


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