Science Says That Eating These Foods Will Make Your Sweat Smell Better

Real talk – you’re never going to smell great after a big sweat session at the gym and if you do then I’m sorry, but you must be an angel because that just ain’t human.

A new study conducted by Australia’s Macquarie University however has found that the foods that you eat have a significant impact on how smelly your sweat is and eating certain foods can even make your sweat smell better.

Study researchers recruited 43 non-smoking men to participate in the study and asked them to only shower with water for 24 hours, not using any soap or scented products within this time period. On the second day of the study the men were asked to wear a brand new cotton shirt while doing at least one hour of exercise and not shower afterwards (ew).


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At the end of the period of time, researchers took the men’s shirts and extracted sweat samples from all of the shirts. The samples were then sniffed by nine women (ew) and the women were asked to rank the shirts based on how bad they smelled.

So what was the outcome? Men who reported eating a lot of fruit and vegetables had sweat that smelled “sweet” and “floral’, while men who ate a lot of carbs, eggs, meat and soy had nasty, smelly sweat.

At the end of the study the researchers concluded that women preferred the smell of the sweat of the men with healthier diets as biologically, their sweat signaled that they were the healthier, more fitting and stronger mates.

While the study was based on men, researchers suggested that women who eat more fruit and vegetables are also likely to smell better when they get their sweat on.

Kind of gross, but makes sense!

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