Science Says That People Who Possess This One Trait Are More Attractive

When it comes to attraction it seems that every person has certain things that they are into. From lush hair, to dreamy eyes, to rock hard abs, we all have something that makes us tick and draws us to a person.

Despite our tendency of judge a potential partner based on looks (come on, I know we all do it), a 2009 study found that more than anything, a person’s sense of humour  could be what makes or breaks a relationship. According to the study that was conducted by University of California, San Diego, a sense of humour overwhelmingly has the ability to make a person appear to be far more attractive.

“The authors examined whether different levels of sense of humour would influence respondents’ ratings about a potentially desirable partner,” the study explained. “The authors used vignettes to predict that the targets who possessed a good sense of humour would receive significantly higher ratings in measures of attractiveness and suitability as a long-term partner than would those who possessed an average or no sense of humour.”

While most of us would guess that a sense of humour is always a bonus, the study found that people responded to those with a sense of humour even more than expected. In fact, the study found that a good sense of humour “received significantly higher ratings of attractiveness and suitability” than those who were considered to be less humourous.

The study also found that even more than females, males were extremely attracted to women who demonstrated a good sense of humour. Might be time to work on those jokes, ladies.

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