Science Says That People With This Eye Colour Are Sexier Than The Rest

We’ve all heard people say that “your eyes are the window to your soul,” but now science has actually uncovered information that confirms that your eye colour and personality are linked.

According to research published on Essilor, the top characteristic related to people with green eyes is sexiness. People with green eyes were also perceived by others as being creative and slightly devious. According to Doctor Hamadi Kallel people with green eyes “have an air of mystery and a quiet self-sufficiency. [They are] often unpredictable, but slow to anger… They are original, creative and perform well under great pressure.”

So what characteristics are associated with other eye colours?

Dark brown or black eyes
If you have dark eyes you may be interested to know that people generally assume that you are going to be a good leader. Apparently your dark eyes may also cause people to think that you are mysterious or secretive, however studies show that people with dark eyes are generally more agreeable than those with other eye colours. If you have dark eyes you are also more likely to drink less than those with light eyes, as well as being more likely to be good at sports that involve hitting targets.

Medium or lighter brown eyes
According to Charles University in Prague people with brown eyes are generally loyal, respectful and gentle, however this does not necessarily mean that they are submissive. Another study showed that people with brown eyes generally have poorer sleep cycles than those with lighter eyes, on average getting about two hours less sleep per night than people with light eyes and also finding it harder to get up in the morning.

Blue eyes
Studies show that people with blue eyes are often perceived by others as being timid or unassertive. However strangely, they are often also thought to be fairly egotistical. According to the University of Pittsburgh school of Medicine women with blue eye are more likely to tolerate pain well during childbirth, as well as dealing well with stress after childbirth.

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