Science Says That People With This Personality Type Are More Intelligent

It’s no secret that understanding your personality type can have big payoffs when it comes to being more successful, working better in groups and dealing with your own emotions. With literally millions of resources online aimed at helping you to figure out what personality type you are, it’s clear that as humans, we are somewhat obsessed with figuring ourselves out.

When it comes to personality types a big factor is always the way that you interact with other people, the terms ‘introverted’ and ‘extroverted’ often thrown around liberally. The general belief is those who are able to be extroverted (at least to an extent) are generally more intelligent, able to lead more effectively and are even more successful. Introverts are often told that in order to stand out they need to be more outgoing and learn to be better with people.

Despite the common belief that it is better to be extroverted than introverted, a new study reported by Mydomanine has found that those who are introverted are actually generally more intelligent. Researchers examined participants who were between the ages of 18 and 28 and looked at how happy they were when they socialised. The majority of the group reported feeling increased happiness after a period of socialisation, however a small subsection of the group who demonstrated advanced intelligence were less happy after social interaction.

The study found a clear link between a high level of intelligence and an introverted personality type, researchers suggesting that this could prove that overall, introverts are generally likely to be smarter than extroverts. Researchers suggested that this could be due to the fact that in terms of evolution, those who are more intelligent naturally do not need the help of others, therefore are less likely to enjoy social interaction. Another theory suggested that intelligent people were less likely to be extroverts because social interaction may be seen as a mere distraction to their life goals.

Overall, the study alluded to the fact that introverts are likely to be smarter, however their emotional intelligence may not be all that high. On the other hand, extroverts may not be as book-smart, however are likely to have a higher level of emotional intelligence and succeed more in positions in which a strong focus on social interaction is present.

Pretty controversial, but interesting none the less, huh?

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