Science says that red wine might just be the ultimate secret to flawless hair

Classy red wine drinking ladies, it’s time to celebrate because your favourite glass of grog has just been hailed as the latest and greatest way to get great hair.

According to celebrity hairstylist John Blaine, red wine is fantastic for you hair because it contains polyphenols – a magical micro-nutrient that has the ability to repair, mend damage, strengthen and detoxify your hair.

The incredible healing benefits of polyphenols have been proven by science, with doctors using the micro-nutrient to heal a range of health issues from cancer to heart conditions.

Before you run to the supermarket to buy every bottle of shiraz in stock, we should probably mention that sadly, just drinking red wine will not achieve the desired result. Unfortunately pouring bottles of wine over your head will also not suffice.

Instead Blaine says that his new red wine based hair-care line Vine de la Vie is the key to strong, healthy, flawless hair.

Sadly the red wine hair-care is not yet available in little old New Zealand, but in the meantime let us raise a glass to science for once-and-for-all proving that our obsession with vino really is justified… sort of.

Cheers to that.

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