Chrissy Teigen’s Trainer Reveals What She Eats Every day

There’s something fascinating about knowing exactly what healthy people eat every day and when that person just so happens to train model and Hollywood mother Chrissy Teigen, well we start to take a bit of notice. Simone De La Rue is an Australian workout instructor and personal trainer who has an impressive list of clients that includes models like Chrissy and other A-list celebs like Taylor Swift.

Starting off as a Broadway dancer, Simone now teaches in her ‘Body by Simone’ classes which focus on preventative exercises and stretches. Not only is she committed to exercise, but as a fitness professional Simone believes that eating well is a vital part of maintaining her health. In a recent interview with Mind Body Green, Simone opened up about what she eats every day to stay healthy. Read to on see Simone’s daily food diary.


For breakfast Simone starts her day with a hit of protein, eating either poached or scrambled eggs with one piece of gluten-free toast. Adding a dose of healthy fat, she adds some avocado and has a side of turkey and tomato. She washes her meal down with a cup of green tea, or on busy days, a coffee.


For lunch Simone explains that she often has salmon, rich in nutrients and fantastic for both skin and hair. She generally puts her salmon into tacos and then has a side of root vegetables.


Throughout the day Simone has hummus and nuts as snacks. Full of protein, these snacks help to keep Simone full during busy times and are great on-the-go snacks.


For Simone, dinner is all about protein. Not only does protein help to build and repair muscle, but it helps to ensure that Simone stays full throughout the night. She often has chicken with Asian greens like bok choy. After dinner Simone allows herself a treat and chows down on some chocolate. Proof that even the healthiest women have a sweet tooth too!

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