This Simple False Eyelash Hack Will Instantly Makes Your Eyes Look Bigger

We all know that applying false eyelashes  is basically a nightmare, and gluing your lashes together is probably way too close to home for a lot of women out there… mainly me. The good news is that there is a genius new false eyelash hack that is taking over the internet and guarantees that all of your time and effort will not be wasted.

One very clever Reddit user by the name of eraser_dust has come up with a genius false eyelash hack that instantly makes your eyes look bigger. First, eraser_dust recommends trimming the false eyelashes about two thirds of the way along.


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“A lot of false lashes aren’t designed for my smaller and differently-shaped Asian eyes, so this is how I modify them to fit my eyes better,” she wrote. ” I find that letting the lashes cover your entire lash line often ends up looking odd (think lashes pointing in weird directions thanks to how your lids bend them), and it’s sometimes even uncomfortable.”

Next, eraser_dust says that you can re-purpose the trimmed end of the eyelash to achieve ultimate lash perfection. “What I normally do is attach it with a lash glue to the outer edge of my lashes, so that it’s thicker in the outer corners,” she wrote.

The result – you are left with falsies that not only actually fit your eyes, but the extra layer of lash in the corner will help your eyes reach the ultimate level of Bambi, without wasting any of the lashes. Genius!

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