Nutritionists Agree: This Is The Most Effective Way To Stop Your Sugar Cravings

In case you haven’t heard, processed sugar is killing us. Slowly, but surely. The popular food additive is becoming one of the leading contributors towards disease in our world today. Not only does sugar mess with your liver, your metabolism and increase your risk of heart and kidney disease, but it is contributing to the obesity epidemic in a big way.

Studies have found that the average American consumes a whopping 32 teaspoons of sugar every day (126 grams), a huge increase when compared with humans who lived in the 1700s, who are thought to have consumed just 1.8 kilograms of (mostly natural) sugar per year, compared to our near 45 kilograms (of mostly processed) per year. What’s even worse it that medical professionals suspect that our bodies are actually only designed to handle about six teaspoons of sugar per day and any more is simply doing damage.

So if you are serious about cutting down on your sugar consumption but you battle with sugar cravings, what is the best thing to do? According to celebrity nutritionist Elissa Goodman, who recently spoke with Byrdie, the single best way to stop sugar cravings in their tracks is to simply go cold turkey and give up added sugar altogether.

This doesn’t just mean skipping biscuits and lollies, but it will require you to pay close attention to the processed foods that you are eating as much of our sugar intake comes from foods such as bread that have hidden added sugar. Apparently, the less sugar you eat, the less your body will actually want it.

“Stop eating sugar!” Goodman urged. “The less you eat, the less you’ll crave it. Add whole, nutrient-dense foods, and in a short time, you will notice cravings diminish.”

Goodman went on to explain that after only a handful of days, people generally report seeing a rapid decline in their sugar cravings and eventually, they simply don’t even want sugar at all. “My clients notice that cravings begin to diminish on days four and five of their cleanse week,” she explained. “Force yourself to stick with it until you break through your cravings.”

Sounds scary, but could be worth a try, huh?

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