This Is The Most Supportive Bralette On The Market Right Now

The biggest lingerie trend of the past few seasons, the bralette is big right now. While you can’t go past the bralette when it comes to feeling like a sexy empowered woman who don’t need no push-up bra, the main issue with this super trendy style is that basically, if you have boobs that are bigger than a B, you’re in for a bouncy old time.

With the busty girls on the world in mind, SheFinds went on a major mission to find the most supportive bralette on the market right now and thankfully, they actually found one! The testing team tried 32 different bralettes, the criteria being that the bralette had to be on trend, comfortable enough to wear all day, and be able to provide decent support to girls with a 12C bra size.

At the end of the rigorous testing process, that most likely involved a decent amount of jumping up and down to test boob jiggly-ness, the winner was Cosabella’s Dolce Soft Bra. The bralette provides a good amount of support and best of all, provides enough fabric to actually cover your boobs! Hooray for a bralette that finally has more fabric than a set of nipple covers!

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