The #1 Fashion Trend That Has Skyrocketed Since The Election Started

It’s impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing, hearing, or getting angry at something to do with the U.S. election. While basically the entire population of New Zealand is absolutely outraged by the outcome of yesterday’s election, the good news is that at least one good thing has come out of the whole saga – some pretty darn  cool throwback fashion trends.

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is a bit of a fashion guru and according to Lyst, there is one particular style that has become super popular since she began her campaign; white pantsuits.

The epitome of power dressing, Clinton has been known to dabble in white pantsuits from time to time, choosing to rock a Ralph Lauren pantsuit to the final presidential debate. As a result of Clinton’s commitment to chic, online searches for white pantsuits have soared by 460 percent since January 2016.

According to The New York Times, the trend isn’t simply about fashion, it’s actually a political symbol that has ties to the sufferage movement. “A grass-roots movement on social media has been urging women to #WearWhiteToVote in solidarity with the American suffragists, who adopted the colour as one of their signatures and fought for what has now come (at least partly) to fruition: the first woman as a major party’s candidate for president,” The New York Times reported.

Personally, I don’t think I could pull off a white pantsuit but there is no denying that it’s pretty bad ass. At least one good thing has come out of this election.


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