The 3 Foods That Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Cut Out Of Their Diet For Better Health

In this day and age it seems that there are about a billion diets out there that all promise to help you achieve your health goals. If you’re looking to improve your health but you really don’t know where to start, it’s always interesting and sometimes even inspiring to read a about what has helped other people to go to the next level in terms of their health and wellness.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, supper hottie actress Jessica Biel opened up about her health journey and spoke about the foods that her and husband Justin Timberlake have chosen to cut out of their diets. According to the actress, the couple try to avoid gluten, dairy and wheat most of the time and since doing so, they have noticed a lot of improvements to their health.

“Honestly, I just feel better when I don’t have gluten or wheat or dairy,” she explained. “My digestion is better, I feel better, I have more energy . . . I just try to eat really healthy.” Refreshingly, Jessica admits that she and Justin still have treats from time to time and the occasional cheat day is always welcome. “I mean, of course I have cheat days and will go out and have, like, cookies and pizza,” she said.

So if they manage to avoid such major food groups, what does an average day of eating actually looking like for the pair? “We’ll start off with Paleo pancakes with cashew or almond butter on top with some local honey, and we like chicken-apple sausage. Then maybe a fresh juice from the Juicero machine, which we love,” she explained.

“If I’m home for lunch, I run out to the garden and grab some leaves and throw together a quick salad, maybe throw some quinoa in there or something. And then some kind of snack during the day. Maybe gluten-free pretzels with this really yummy almond cheese dip. It almost tastes like cream cheese, but no dairy.”

For dinner, the couple mainly keep it simple, opting for meals that are fresh and high in protein. “If we’re home, it would be cooking up some salmon, some rice, grilling some vegetables,” she said. “Or going out and having some chicken. That would be a normal day for me.”

While cutting out entire food groups doesn’t always work for everyone, if it makes you feel good and you are listening to your body, then it could be worth a try. And besides, Jess and Justin look pretty damn good so they must be doing something right, huh?

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