This Is The Best Nude Lipstick On The Internet Right Now

Finding a great nude lipstick is sort of like finding the perfect pair of jeans – so difficult that we are often tempted to just give up. You may have owned a million different nude lipsticks, but ask any woman and she will tell you that finding the perfect one (aka the one that plumps, doesn’t crack and flatters her skin tone) is one tough job.

While a great nude lipstick is will be one of the most useful and versatile items in your makeup bag, the mission of finding the right one is often enough to put many women off altogether.

If you are in this boat, then we have good news for you. Rank & Style—a site that compiles top fashion and beauty product lists using a unique algorithm— went on a mission to find out which nude lip colour is the most-loved across all of the internet, and surprisingly, the winner is a brand that you may not have ever heard of.

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At the end of the search, the winner was Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Meringue, a creamy formula with a good amount of pigment and a glossy finish. Made from 12 nourishing oils, the lipstick has an amazing zesty fragrance that lipstick lovers are really into. The colour itself is basically universally flattering, a nude with peach undertones that suits a wide range of women.

So how was the winner judged? Apparently the victorious lippy received the highest overall marks across beauty blogs and online retailers, proving itself to be the most loved nude lippy online right now. Impressive!

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