The Common Fake Tanning Mistake That Could Be Sabotaging Your Glow

Summer is on its way and as hemlines get shorter, necklines get lower and swimwear emerges, it’s a given that most of us will be getting out those dusty fake tanning bottles to give us a head start at our summer glow.

At home fake tanning is not only convenient, but it is also significantly cheaper than heading to your beautician to get a spray tan every few weeks. Most importantly, having a good fake tan will mean that before you even head out in the sun you will look like a bronzed goddess, minimising the time that you actually have to spend tanning (read: burning your skin) this summer.

In a recent interview with Jules Heptonstall, celebrity tanner in the UK and tanning and skin finishing expert for St. Tropez, the good people at Popsugar got the lowdown on the dos and don’ts of at home tanning, with Jules identifying one very common mistake that many at home tanners make.

Jules explained that it’s very important to prep your skin properly with a good exfoliation if you want to maximise your DIY tan. “If you haven’t been exfoliating over winter and you’ve neglected your skin, you’ll need a good scrub to remove any dead skin cells and unveil a new summer coat,” she explained.

According to Jules, taking some time to exfoliate could be the different between achieving a glowing, even tan and being stuck with a terrible at home tanning disaster. “Exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells from the skin — this ensures any product applied to the skin is absorbed properly and they will be working to their fullest,” she concluded.

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