The Face Ageing Habit That Your Dermatologist Wants You To Stop Doing ASAP

Let me start by saying that I personally don’t really think there is anything wrong with ageing, after all it’s a very natural process. However in a world that is becoming increasingly polluted, reliant on processed food and well… lazy, it’s no secret that premature ageing is a very real issue.

If you’re interested in looking after your body and making sure that you take care of yourself as you get older, you may be interested to know that failing to keep up to date with your eye prescriptions could be ageing your face big time.

In a recent interview with Byrdie, Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group spoke about ageing, explaining that bad eyesight has a significant impact on the rate at which your face wrinkles.

“If you’re squinting to read things clearly, you’ll not only strain the muscles in your eyes, but you’ll develop many more fine lines around them,” Dr. Nazarian explained. “Much like classic crow’s-feet, repeating squinting and contraction of periocular muscles eventually lead to many lines around the eyes.”

Not only can an out of date prescription leave you squinting all day long, but Dr. Nazarian also warns against heading out in the sun without sunglasses. If you are spending a lot of time looking into the sun squinting, this can also lead to wrinkles around your eyes.

The easiest way to avoid this to ensure that you are going for regular eye tests (experts recommended at least every two years), as well as investing in a decent pair of sunglasses for summer that have a UV protection filter. After all, it’s the little things that add up to help you continue to look and feel great into your later years.

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