The First Adorable Photo Of Prince Harry And His Girlfriend Meghan Markle Has Finally Emerged

We’ve been waiting a long time for our favourite royal to find love and when we found out that he was officially dating Suits actor Meghan Markle, we were more than a little bit excited.

While the couple’s public relationship got off to a rocky start when a wave of racially fueled criticisms surfaced, the couple is proving that they basically DGAF and have been spotted out and about, looking cute as can be. Until now the couple have laid pretty low, however UK newspaper The Sun has published the first-ever public photos of Harry and Meghan and yes, the are adorable.

Rugged up to brave the cold London weather, the couple were reportedly on their way to the theatre to see a show that the Prince had bought tickets to. While it’s early days for the couple’s relationship, it’s no surprise that fans everywhere are already rooting for another royal wedding.

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