The Fun New Fitness Trend That Will Tone Your Belly Quickly

It’s the fitness craze that’s sweeping the world – handstands are officially the best new way to tone your body and develop strength. With everyone from Britney to Beyoncé getting in on the action, we’re all kicking ourselves right about now for giving up on our gymnastics careers years ago.

Whether you’re looking to get a head-start on your summer body, or you’re simply just looking for a new way to workout, handstands are surprisingly effective. Forget boring and monotonous workouts, it’s time to fun your way to fitness.

Building strength in your core
Want to tighten your core but not keen on crunches and planks? Handstands are highly effective at building strength across your abs, obliques, hip flexors, thighs and lower back. Rather than suffering through a punishing core workout, try doing a few handstands every day.

Increasing your balance
It may have been easy as a kid, but handstands get a lot harder the older you get! Start by using a wall to get you going and before long you will be able to do freestanding handstands which do wonders for your balance.

Strengthening your upper body
Many women struggle to build strength in their upper bodies, but handstands are the perfect way to take you from weakling to superwoman. Begin by holding your handstands for 10 seconds against a wall and gradually build up to a minute. If your arms are shaking, it’s working!

Improving your circulation and breathing
While strength and muscle tone are important, breathing and circulation are also hugely important in helping to keep you fit and healthy. Spending periods of time upside down will naturally increase the circulation in your upper body, while assisting with blood flow to your lungs to help you breathe easy.

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