The Greatest Bikini Body Of All Time Has Been Named And It’s Not Who We Were Expecting

Gigi and Kim may be ruling the current swimsuit stratosphere but these two ain’t got nothing on the woman who has been named the greatest bikini body of all time.

The stunning vintage bombshell Raquel Welch has taken out the hot title, with her iconic fur bikini setting hearts racing in the 1966 classic, One Million Years B.C. 

The actress who is now 75 believes that women need to embrace ageing instead of fighting against it.

“I want them to stop being scared of it, because it’s just another chapter in life,” Welch told Oprah.

50 years after her iconic performance, Welch is still looking super hot, working out six days a week and eating a healthy diet that consists of plenty of protein and vegetables.

The survey was conducted by UK swimwear retailer, Swimwear365 and surveyed 2000 people.

Other vintage hotties to make the list include Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot.

Pamela Anderson, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez were among the highest ranking modern day babes on the list, however the top five were all vintage Hollywood legends.

Turns out a good old fashioned hot bikini body is never forgotten!

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