The iPhone 7 Release Date Has Just Been Leaked And It’s Super Close

With billions of rumors floating around the internet as to what the iPhone 7 will be like and people crying bitterly over the loss of the headphone jack (RIP), iPhone fans around the world have been waiting patiently for Apple to announce the iPhone 7 release date.

Sending the tech world into a MASSIVE frenzy, famous tech-leaker Evan Blass recently Tweeted that the new device will be going on sale from Friday September 16 – less than two months away!

While the date has not been confirmed by Apple, Blass is extremely well regarded in the tech community and in the past has leaked a number of smartphone details that have turned out to be spot on.

Experts are also backing up Blass’ leak, saying that a September release date would align with previous Apple milestones such as the September 2014 release of the iPhone 6.

It’s time to get yourself some wireless headphones, because it may only be a matter of weeks before you have the new iPhone 7 in your hot little hands!

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