The Job Application Hack That Could Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired By Up To 40%

We all know the deal – when applying for jobs it’s considered bad form to disclose information about your personal and home life. At the very mention of the words kids, partner or maternity leave it can sometimes feel like you are at risk of being horrendously shamed on Linkedin by the hoards of so-called experts who passionately advocate for the ‘zero personal details’ rule.

While advocates of the rule may be well-meaning, these types of restrictions can make it particularly difficult for women who have taken prolonged periods of time away from work for childcare reasons. Trying to conceal gaps in work history has become an unfortunate reality for many women, who at times may feel like they have to bend the truth to simply get a look-in for their dream job.

Surprisingly however, a recent study by Vanderbilt Law School has discovered that disclosing personal details about work history gaps in your CV will strongly raise your chances of getting hired. Vanderbilt professor in law and economics Joni Hersch says that the study is the first of its kind and believes that this information will completely change the way that many women approach employment.

“Our study provides the first-ever evidence that women who conceal personal information dramatically lower their hiring prospects,” says Hersch.“Employers overwhelmingly preferred to hire candidates who provided information to explain a resume gap, regardless of content. Any information that could flesh out a woman’s job history and qualifications improved employment prospects relative to no explanation for an otherwise identical job candidate,” adds co-author of the study, Jennifer Bennett Shinall.

The research showed that female candidates who provided personal information to potential employers increased their chances of getting hired by up to 40 percent when compared to female applicants who omitted similar personal details.

The research team says that they were shocked by the results, however were pleased that this indicates a positive step forward for women in the workplace. Hersch says that honest communication is the key to succeeding in the workplace and will ensure that women who have taken time out from work are not disadvantaged because of their desire to put family first.

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