The Most Powerful Hillary Clinton Tweets From The Past 24 Hours

Let me start by saying I know that Hillary Clinton is no squeaky clean angel and just as Trump has a whole lot of dirt in his past, Hillary does too. However as a woman, I cannot help but be inspired by Hillary Clinton.

Despite her past mistakes there is no denying that Hillary has well and truly done her share of glass ceiling smashing and while she may not have won this time around, she has come closer than any woman before her. Just as President Obama has paved a way for future Presidents of non-white ethnicities, Hillary Clinton has made the world realise that a female President might just be a good idea.

Personally, I can’t get enough of all the girl power (and just plain old wise) stuff that Hills has said throughout the election and my guess is that these nuggets of wisdom will be hanging on the bedroom walls of ambitious young girls for years to come.

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