These Are The Most Popular Female Baby Names Right Now

Baby names are a bit like fashion – every season has popular favourites and ‘trendy’ names. Inevitably this leads to a whole lot of kids who have the same name (yes there are four Hannah’s in this classroom, sorry teacher).

If you like the idea of finding an adorable and popular name for your bundle of joy, you are in luck. Pure Wow went on a mission to find out what was trending right now and the results were fairly interesting.

The site scanned data from across America and found that there were some pretty clear trends when it came to girls baby names in particular. A number of states had clear favourites when it came to baby names.

Across all states, super-feminine names like Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Isabella were found to be most popular. Interesting Ava was also very popular, with this slightly less traditional name coming out on top in states like Alabama and North Carolina.

  • Alabama: Ava
  • Arizona: Sophia
  • California: Sophia
  • Connecticut: Sophia
  • Florida: Isabella
  • Illinois: Olivia
  • Louisiana: Ava
  • Massachusetts: Olivia
  • Nebraska: Emma
  • New York: Olivia
  • North Carolina: Ava
  • Pennsylvania: Olivia
  • Texas: Emma

Check out the full list of popular baby names on Pure Wow

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