These Are The Only Shoes You Need To Buy For Summer, Fashion Insiders Say

If there’s one thing that almost every woman loves, it has to be shoes. From functional flats, to sky high heels, we all have a pair of shoes that we simply just couldn’t live without.

As summer rolls around and we all put those winter boots to the back of the closet, you may be spending some time scrolling through some of your favourite internet sites in search of the perfect pair of shoes to rock this summer. According to the fashion gurus at Sporteluxe, the hottest shoe trend of the summer is none other than the humble black sneaker.

While white sneakers have been a staple in every fashion girl’s closest for the past few seasons, black sneakers are set to make a comeback – which I’m sure will be to the delight of clean freaks all over the world because seriously, how do you even keep white sneakers clean?

“A pair of trusty black sneakers can go a long way when your closet is full and time is of the essence,” Sporteluxe reports. “They’re effortlessly chic, and not so loud.”

Just like your favourite white sneaks, black sneakers look great with almost anything – from dresses, to jeans to summer shorts.

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