This $7 Topcoat Is One Of The Most Popular Nail Products On The Internet Right Now

If you are looking to make your manicure last longer than a few days, a solid topcoat is a must. While most women would probably assume that the more expensive a topcoat is, the better it is going to be, the latest beauty obsession to sweep the internet is proving that theory all wrong. In fact, the most popular topcoat on the internet right now is actually only $7!

The topcoat in question is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and is the top seller in Amazon’s “Top and Base Coats” category. According to SheFinds, the incredible product has over 3000 five-star reviews and fans are raving about it.

So what’s so great about this topcoat? The formula keeps your polish as chip-free and shiny as it looked on day one, also speeding up the drying time of your manicure.

According to one Amazon reviewer, the cheap topcoat is even better than the popular O.P.I equivalent.

“Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat is by far the best top coat I’ve used. For years I was an O.P.I devotee, and I assumed it was best if I used O.P.I topcoat with their polish. Seche Vite, however, has provided a much clearer and glossier finish than any other top coat I’ve tried. Also, it does not nick once it gets dry,” the reviewer wrote.

There you have it. Go get it, ladies.

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