Watch: The Big Bang Theory Scene That Was Banned For Being ‘Too Hot’

When I think of hit television show the Big Bang Theory, I generally think of science, nerds and funny jokes. Spicing things up a bit, the popular TV series got a bit saucy and recently had a bit of fun producing a scene that resembled something from Fifty Shades.

The controversial scene features Leonard and Penny in full bondage style gear, having turned Sheldon’s room into a sex dungeon (lol). According to The Mirror, the kinky scene has been banned in the UK because advertisers thought it was ‘too hot’ for television.

The scene features Penny (Kaley Cuoco) dressed in a sexy red corset and fishnets, with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) affixed to the wall with a leather harness. Wow.

Sound a bit left of field? Apparently the scene was meant to be part of one of Sheldon’s dream sequences in which he dreams that the kinky couple have turned his room into a sex dungeon.

The best thing about this all has to be the fact that Cuoco’s corset reportedly took 15 minutes to squeeze into. She looks damn good though, right!

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