This Is The #1 Outfit Planning Hack That Celebrity Stylists Recommend

We’ve all been there – you have five more minutes to get ready for an important event and after trying on what seems like hundreds of outfits, you collapse into a crumpled heap on the floor, tears in your eyes because you really just having nothing to wear. Life in cruel.

So if you can’t even manage to find a decent outfit to go to the movies in, how on earth do celebrities like Gigi and Kendall always look so #flawless? The simple answer – Polaroids.


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According to celebrity stylist Tara Swennen, stylist to It girls such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kristen Stewart, and Lauren Conrad, investing in a Polaroid camera could help to save you both time and tears. “Most stylists are Polaroid diehards,” Swennen told Who What Wear.

So how does it work? When planning a look, Swennen will take a quick Polaroid of each piece, writing a description on the white edge of the Polaroid to explain what each piece is (e.g. Topshop jeans or ASOS denim skirt). She will then arrange the Polaroids in a folder of ‘looks’ for her celebrity clients to use as a go-to outfit planning guide. Generally, she will create looks that give a few different options, such as a different jacket or pair of shoes so her client can adjust the look depending on the weather or occasion.

Not keen on spending a whole bunch of money on Polaroids? Try taking photos on your phone and printing them out to arrange in your look book. While the method may take a bit of time to begin with, it will mean that if you are ever stuck for inspiration, you will have an instant book of outfit ideas that you know will look great. And hey, if it helps me to look as good as Gigi, I’m in.

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