This Is The Crazy New Baby Name Trend That Nobody Saw Coming

We all know somebody who has named their child a very bizarre name… we’re looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow. The newest baby name trend to sweep the world is probably one of the strangest yet.

According to BabyCenter, a parenting and pregnancy website that tracks baby names, the newest baby name trend to take over the world is seeing parents name their children after Pokémon characters. Ummm, what?

Apparently, names like Eevee, Onyx, Star, Ivy, Roselia, and Ash have recently risen in popularity, with many of these names not being popular since Pokémon first came on the scene 20 years ago.

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While I basically find this who thing beyond bizarre, BabyCenter Editor in Chief, Linda Murray says that she wasn’t at all surprised by the unusual trend. “Millennials are particularly attracted to technology and ’90s nostalgia, which is one of the reasons we think Pokémon Go is already having an impact on baby naming trends among pregnant women,” Murray told Buzzfeed.

“We see babies named after TV show characters, celebrities, and even Instagram filters.”

So yeah, the world has officially gone insane. Good one Pokémon Go.

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