This Is How Much Time Kayla Itsines Actually Spends Working Out Every Week

Everywhere you look at the moment it seems like there are hoards of people who are on a mission to get fit and lose weight for summer. While it’s fairly well-known that working out every day isn’t actually all that good for you, I bet we all know somebody who thinks that they need to workout every day if they want to see results.

In a recent Instagram post, fitness guru Kayla Itsines got real about how many times a week (and for how long) she actually works out, proving that less is sometimes more. Despite having a career built upon her fit and healthy lifestyle, Kayla says that she only really works out as often as many other ‘everyday’ women. “So for the ladies who don’t know, I workout for 28 mins, 3-4 days a week,” she wrote on Instagram.

While this may not seem like very much, Kayla reminded fans that there is more to a workout than the main exercises. “NOW, in saying this, I spend 1 hour in total at the gym because I warm up and cool down,” she wrote.

“I don’t just do my 28 mins and leave. Before every session, I do a few dynamic stretches, I walk for 5 minutes, skip for 3 minutes – THEN start my workout. I finish my workout, foam roll for 10 minutes and then stretch for the remaining time.”

The fitness star also noted that great results come from years of consistent training and the key to achieving your goals is being willing to stick at it long-term. “I do this because I’ve disciplined myself to do so. I’ve been training like this since I was 19, I’m 25,” she added.

So the takeaway? Getting in shape doesn’t necessarily require hours of your time every single day – it’s simply about being consistent and sticking to a regular routine.

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