This Is Exactly How Often You Should Be Getting Fitted For A Bra

We all know that bra shopping is basically a nightmare and unless you enjoy having a stranger get all up in your grill, getting fitted for a bra is never really a good time.

Despite our reservations, the simple truth is that having a bra that fits well is an important part of life, and if all of your bras fit terribly, chances are that you will not only be uncomfortable, but you will probably not feel your best.

According to Marie Savvas, the owner and mastermind behind lingerie brand Palindrome, up to 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size and many women are going based on a fitting that they had years ago.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of getting professionally fitted biannually, yes every six months due to fluctuation of sorts,” Savvas told Who What Wear. “Know your size!  Don’t buy the sizes you think you are, buy your actual size, sorry to break it to you; you’re probably not a 12B!”


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If you can’t make it into the store for a fitting, Savvas suggests using an online fitting calculator to figure out your size and where possible, stay away from buying bras online unless it’s a style that you have had previously.

When bra shooping, Savvas also suggests following a few simple steps to make sure that you are actually purchasing the best bra for your breast shape and size.

“Another mistake I see women make, is not trying the bra with clothing over the top. When trying on, make sure you check to see if the shape is giving you a nice silhouette under your clothing, the cups should be ‘cupping’ your breasts, not gaping or cutting in. The back band should not be loose or too tight—these are all bra faux pas identifiable under clothes so be mindful of that,” advised Savvas.

There you have it ladies. Every six months! Go, go, go!

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