This Is The New Boutique Jewellery Brand That Every It-Girl Is Going To Be Wearing This Summer

New Zealand fashion has come a long way over the past 30 years. Once a small, painfully slow industry, the past few decades have seen the local fashion industry explode with growth and many talented new designers emerge.

With New Zealand Fashion Week taking the nation by storm last week for its fifteenth fabulous year, we took a few moments to scope out some of the best upcoming local fashion brands to gain some insight into where our small, but vibrant fashion industry is headed.

If there’s one thing I love, it has to be a good pair of earrings. And when those earrings involve bold pops of colour and fun textures – well that’s even better.

Enter Jessie Xie, an urban planner by day and jewellery designer by night. After struggling to find the perfect pair of earrings, Jessie decided to try her hand at making her own, and after she realised that there was market demand for her creations, she decided to start her own small business selling beautiful tassel earrings to women locally, naming it Tassels By J.

“I’m a lover of DIY and I’m constantly looking for new projects to take my mind off my usual work,” Jessie told us. “I would occasionally see these tassels earrings out and about but I couldn’t seem to find them in the colour or size I wanted. Turns out there are many girls out there that had the same problem and that’s when I had my eureka moment ! I wanted the perfect pair for myself and it was a no brainier that I made the perfect tassels available to those searching too.”

Using the highest quality locally sourced materials, Jessie provides her customers with the opportunity to customise their own earrings, committed to producing a product that each customer will love. We took a few moments to catch up with Jessie to find out more about the up-and-coming local jewellery brand that every It-girl will be wearing this summer.

How are Tassels By J earrings made? 

“I start off with the best part (the part that’s got me hooked!) shopping for the thread! Getting the right colours and type of thread is super important.” Jessie says that she then gathers her tools, grabs a glass of wine (for “inner zen”) and then gets started with the process of making the earrings. “I start looping, then I attached the metallic elements, trim and then to finish it off. I hover my earrings over a steaming kettle to let them fall straight naturally (this is the most satisfying thing to watch!)”

What are Tassels By J earrings made of? 

“My earrings are simplistic, they consist of three elements; silk-thread (1 long thread per tassel – I like to keep it in its natural form as much as possible), jump ring and nickel free earring hook.”

Do you have any plans to expand the range?

“Of course ! I’m loving the winter shades, but rest assured that summer will be filled with a range of new fun colours! Also, I’m looking into statement tassels for a limited edition range.”

What does New Zealand fashion mean to you?
“NZ made is everything! I love embracing natural materials and simplicity, and no one does it better than NZ! I embrace basics made from our merino wool, to silks, to simple cottons, and pair them with bold accessories – a structured NZ leather bag and white chucks. We Kiwis do basics best! Our fashion is so effortless but edgy at the same time, and it’s something to celebrate.”

How do our readers buy Tassels By J earrings?
Bread and Butter Letter, Auckland (limited colours)
On Facebook or Instagram (Tassels By J /@tassels_by_j)