This Is The #1 Item Newly Married Couples Regret Not Having On Their Wedding Registry

While there are a lot of things that can go wrong when planning a wedding, the gift registry is generally not one of them because really, how can gifts be bad?

According to a recent survey conducted by wedding registry site Zola however, a few things can go wrong – and they mainly have to do with not registering for the right gifts!

According to the survey that spoke to 650 millennial-aged couples who were married this past May, the biggest wedding registry regret was not registering for luggage.

Strange, I know, but in an age where travel is so common, not having a decent set of luggage can become a genuine annoyance for a young couple who may not have the funds to buy their own set… because they’ve spent all their money on plane tickets probably!

While the survey results may seem surprising to some, Jennifer Spector of Zola says that modern couples are more likely to travel than ever before and for this reason, luggage is important to many couples.

“Today’s couples are adventurous. Beyond fine china and linens, they want to register for items that fit their lifestyle, whether that’s a tent, a picnic basket, or luggage,” says Spector, a newlywed who works for Zola. “My husband and I registered for carry-on bags and a camera to capture our honeymoon.”

So there you have it folks, ditch the super expensive toaster and register for luggage instead. You won’t regret it!

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