This Is The Controversial Swimwear Trend That You Will See Everywhere This Summer

When it comes to swimwear, you would be forgiven for shuddering at the very word. No matter if you have been going hard at the gym all winter, or if you’ve maybe been guilty of eating a tad too much self-saucing pudding over the cooler months (*drools*), the thought of stripping down to our togs is often a slightly terrifying thought.

Personally, I am a big fan of swimwear trends that cover more skin and with the rise of the one-piece swimsuit last summer, needless to say I was very, very happy. However, this year’s biggest trend seems to have gone in the exact opposite direction and the mantra in the swimwear world seems to be back to the classic ‘less is more’.

As seen on models and celebrities all of the world, the ‘cheeky bum’ trend is set to be the biggest swimwear trend of the season and fashion insiders are calling this trend the next big thing. Basically the trend is exactly what it sounds like – you take an already tiny pair of bikini bottoms, remove most of the bum fabric and voila, you have fashun.

???? Bikini top: @albionfit

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Meet me at my villa ? @luextravel

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While this controversial trend is probably not going to be to the liking of everybody, there is actually something strangely liberating about knowing that your bum tan lines are going to be super minimal this year. Amen.

If you’re slightly concerned that your booty can’t quite handle that much freedom (just me?), then you’ll be pleased to know that everyone’s favourite one piece styles are back in full-force for another season, this time with cutouts and sleek, ’80s inspired vibes.

Terrace Harness Bikini • #zuluandzephyr

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Breezy beach days @ripcurl_aus | Pic: @trent_mitchell_

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And if worst comes to worst, there’s always that wet suit in the garage, right?

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