This Is Why Quitting Carbs Isn’t The Best Way To Slim Down

We all know somebody who has tried a low-carb or carb-free diet and claims that it is the best thing since sliced bread… without the bread of course. While cutting carbs can be a good way to slim down for summer, according to experts, people often go on a carb-cutting binge without being fully aware of what it could do to their body. If you’re cutting carbs make sure that you avoid these common mistakes.

Ditching all carbs

When you stop eating carbs you may feel as though you are losing weight quickly, however  cutting out carbs entirely because without carbs you cannot properly fuel your body. Because our brains run on glucose (that comes from carbs), when we cut carbs entirely we are more likely to start feeling light-headed, tired, sluggish and grumpy.

Upping your intake of protein and cutting out carbs is simply not a sustainable diet and after awhile you will reduce your own functionality. Instead  aim to have a diet that consists of 30 – 40 percent carbs, opting for healthy and unrefined carbohydrates.


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