This New Eyelash Treatment Will Mean You Never Have To Wear Mascara Again

We all love long luscious lashes, but sometimes taking a good five minutes to perfectly apply your mascara every morning is the last thing you feel like doing – and don’t even talk to me about glueing falsies on.

There must be an easier way, right? Correct my friend.

While lash extensions and lash tinting have all had their day in the sun, the keratin lash lift is the newest lash trend that is taking over social media.

The master of the keratin lash lift treatment is Los Angeles based makeup artist Elysee Zhadikpur.

Zhadikpur is considered a ‘master trainer’ for a five-step lash method called Yumi Lashes that lasts for 3 months and was invented by a Swiss makeup artist named Sandra Viglino.

While the keratin lash lift formula is top secret, Zhadikpur’s website explains that lashes are lifted using a “special pigment infusion.”

The treatment takes an hour and begins by having  coenzyme Q10 gel pads positioned under the eyes, before applying the special formula and brushing it through each lash for a long period of time.

In an interview with Allure, actress Karrueche Tran gave the keratin lash lift a big thumbs up.

“Right now eyelash extensions are really big, but I heard that they’re bad for your eyes and they pull your lashes out, and sometimes I feel like they look unnatural,” said Tran.

“So I went with Hrush Achemyan, one of my favorite makeup artists, to go get these eyelash lifts, and ever since, I’ve been loving it.”

So the treatment is effective, but is it safe?

“Similar to the way a keratin treatment can change the configuration of the hair on your head, keratin can be applied to lashes and enhances natural lashes without the use of false lashes or glue,” dermatology expert Joshua Zeichner, told Allure.

“When performed by a trained professional, with proper care to ensure no harm to the eye, the procedure should be safe. The only caution would be a potential allergic reaction, which would be difficult to predict. However, if you generally have sensitive skin or eczema, I would stick to mascara.”

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