This Simple Trick Will Help To Calm Your Anxiety

Whether it’s only an occasional thing, or you suffer from anxiety every single day, anxiety is a friend of nobody. According to studies, around 10 percent of people in the Western world suffer from anxiety and many people simply do not know how to manage their condition.

With this in mind, I stumbled across this simple trick from Pure Wow and I was instantly impressed by how simple yet effective it is. So what do you need to do?

As soon as you begin to feel yourself getting anxious, leave the room and find yourself a calm, private space. The space should be big enough for you to move around in freely and if possible, it is best for it to be away from the place that you were in when you first felt your bout of anxiety creeping in.

In your private space? Start by throwing your whole body into a series of movements and just go crazy. Move your arms, legs and entire body in any way that feels right. Don’t hold back – the point of this is to release all of the pent up emotion and just literally shake things out.

“The burst of movement literally jostles your lymphatic fluid, resets your nervous system and gets feel-good endorphins pumping to ease tension from your body,” says Pure Wow.

While this strategy may not solve things in the long term, it may just help you to make it through your next step – whether that be a business meeting, the daily school run, or driving on a busy motorway during peak-hour. After all, managing anxiety is simply about taking things one step at a time.

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