This Is What A $21,000 First-Class Airplane Seat Is Like

Have you ever flown first class? Yeah, me neither – but I bet you’ve always wondered what it would be like. YouTube star Casey Neistat who is famous for wakeboarding through the canals of Amsterdam in a tuxedo and snowboarding through Times Square in a blizzard, was ‘randomly’ upgraded to first class on a recent flight between New York and Dubai. For all of us curious kids, he recorded the entire experience and I can confirm that it is INSANE.

For the low, low price of just $21,635.30 (USD), you too can experience every luxury that Emirates first-class has to offer. From private doors that seclude your seat, to personal snacks, to your own huge touch-screen TV, to slippers and PJs, the whole thing is ridiculously luxurious. And if you’re after the world’s finest caviar and scotch, or even a hot shower, you can’t go past first-class.

Damn… and I thought getting a free Coke in cattle-class was good.


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