Topshop Has Just Made An Iconic Announcement That Has Animal Activists Singing Their Praises

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is moving towards more ethical, sustainable and cruelty free methods of production, however the latest announcement from British fashion giant Topshop is one of the most positive advancements yet.

Following the release of PETA video footage that exposed the cruel practice of live birds being aggressively plucked for their feathers, Topshop has announced that they will be banning down feathers from all of their collections.

Joining Topshop in a pledge to ban down feathers are major brands such as ASOS, Boohoo, Miss Dr Martens and Miss Selfridge.

The video footage that shocked the world showed feather harvesting practices from a farm in China where 80 percent of the world’s down feathers come from.

The video caused a huge stir because the practices exposed suggested that retail suppliers who have a ‘Responsible Down Standard’ certification could be at risk of obtaining the cruelly harvested feathers.

PETA’s senior manager Yvonne Taylor, says that Topshop’s announcement marks an extremely positive step forward for the fashion industry.

“Just as they did with cruelly obtained angora wool, forward-thinking fashion brands are jumping to meet the demands of today’s compassionate consumers, who want nothing to do with an industry that rips out live birds’ feathers,” said Taylor.

“PETA will continue to work with retailers across the UK to ditch feathers in favour of natural or high-tech synthetic fillers that are hypoallergenic, warm, eco-friendly and infinitely kinder to birds.”

Looks like this is a victory for birds everywhere!

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