Think That Skincare Products Don’t Work? This Brand’s New Campaign Will Change Your Mind

These days there are about a billion skincare products on the market, all promising to do incredible things. But we all know what it’s like to spend our precious pennies on a skincare products that turn out to do, well… nothing. The pretty bottles may promise amazing results, but when it comes down to it, far too many skincare products on the market are unable to live up to their claims.

Enter Ultraceuticals, an Australian skincare brand that is fighting to prove that skincare products can actually live up to the hype. Ultraceuticals Australia has launched a campaign called RVR90 – Real Visible Results in 90 days.

This unique campaign is running across New Zealand and Australia, with a vision to empower people and boost inner-confidence by achieving their best skin yet. The programme is designed to restore people’s faith in an industry with often overhyped claims by experiencing a high-performing, cruelty free, paraben free and scientifically proven range.

The campaign asks women to give Ultraceuticals 90 days to transform their skin – to use the product for three months and witness the results. While it may sound simple, in a market that seems to be consistently producing products that disappoint, it’s exactly what we, as shoppers, need.

Each year from February to April, the RVR90 programme drives awareness around the effectiveness of Ultraceuticals and helps customers understand the treatment journey and commitment it takes to achieve desired results. A person’s skin journey is made up of a combination of homecare and in clinic treatments. In fact, 70% of outstanding skincare results are created through a homecare regime, while the remaining percentage is accomplished through clinic treatments.

So how does RVR90 work?

Step 1: Skin technician identifies clients’ core skin concern and selects the treatment serum to treat this concern from four categories: Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Loss of Firmness, Acne & Congestion, Coarse Texture & Dull Skin tone.

Step 2: Skin technician then selects a pack to suit clients’ skin type (oily/normal or dry/normal). Each pack contains 3 products. Customers who take part in the programme are given a promotional offer that also includes a free bonus serum with their RVR90 pack.

Step 3: Skin technician then prescribes a complete treatment plan to accelerate the client’s journey.

Clinics are provided with detailed booklets to document their customer’s skin journey over the 90 days including before and after pictures that showcase their progress throughout the programme.

Want to give it a try? Visit the Ultraceuticals website to find out how to get on board with RVR90.

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