Want a New Career? Getting Paid to Watch Netflix is Actually a Thing

We all know what it’s like to have a terrible day at work and spend most of the day with your head on your desk, desperately wishing that you could just go home and watch Gossip Girl. 

Turns out that there are actually people in the world who get paid to do just that! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix pays people to watch hours of TV shows and movies every day.

While it is already common knowledge that Netflix pays people to work as part-time ‘taggers’ – the clever folk who watch Netflix content and assign key words to them such as “nature documentary” – the world has recently learned that there is another group of Netflix-buffs who also get paid to watch your favourite shows.

Employees in a programme called ‘Project Beetlejuice’ are paid $10 for every movie or TV show that they watch, their job being to choose the best images or videos to promote it in the Netflix directory.

The Netflix workers who are called ‘juicers’ work from home and are paid as contractors.

Sound too good to be true? It may well be.

Turns out two of the juicers are suing Netflix, saying that they deserve to be classified as permanent employees instead of contractors.

As contractors, they are not entitled to overtime pay, holiday leave, a retirement plan, or health insurance.

The plaintiffs in both suits, Lawrence Moss and Cigdem Akbay, say they were promised that they could set their own hours, however in reality their strict deadlines mean that they end up working more than 40 hours a week.

Apparently when Akbay told Netflix that ‘juicing’ was her main source of income, she was fired.

Netflix is arguing that their juicers signed a contract to agree that any issues would be settled privately and not in court and therefore their case may not hold up in court.

Issues aside, I sure wouldn’t mind getting paid to watch Netflix 24/7.

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