Want To Become A Morning Person? This Is How To Do It

In the age of Netflix and smartphones there are simply just too many distractions that stop us all from making it to bed on time because seriously, I really do need to watch just one more episode of Gilmore Girls before bed. The issue however comes the next morning, when after your third coffee you still feel kind of ahhh… asleep.

So what’s the secret to becoming a morning person? Well, apart from canceling your Netflix subscription, the secret could actually be as simple as going camping for a weekend. Yes, this is genuine advice, stay with me okay.


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Back in the days before iPhones and Netflix, the sleeping pattern of humans basically followed the sun. It’s that methodology that has inspired the idea of camping to reset your circadian rhythm—or, in basic terms, your sleep cycles.

According to  the National Institute of General Medical Studies, circadian rhythm can be defined as your “physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment.” What this means is that by aligning your sleep cycle with your natural environment, you will feel less groggy overall as your body will be in sync with the world around you.

So in theory, heading away for a few days of camping will help to reset your sleep cycle as you tend to rise and go to bed with the sun when you camp, meaning that once you get home your body will be ready to adopt this sleep cycle permanently and you will soon become a morning person. Magic!

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